About Us

We have been offering such incredible jobs for facilitating to promote Health, Education and Medical Care in Nepal with Travel and Trekking activities in cultural, historical and natural sites as well as  wild lives in natural setting.  It is registered in Company Registered Office Kathmandu and Nepal Tourism Department of Ministry of Civil Aviation and Cultural and tourism, and respected Authority Concern.

In the same way, we have been leading to conduct trekking in the best destination in Nepal and arranging adventurous in Nepal too. We have good team work as Executive Director, Senior Officer, Admin and Finance Officer, Cultural and Tour Guides, Trekking Guides, Mountaineering Team, Birds Specialists, Wild lives specialists, Medical Assistance

” Travel and Trekking for Education and Medical Assistance”.  The term comes from Education and Medical terms Edumedic.

The company has been highly intended to welcome you all respected guys from the world to visit here in Nepal along with getting your knowhow for education and medical assistance. Of course, we are always looking your expertise for promoting rural sports too.  May you perceive natural breathing from Mountains, Hills and Tarai (Flat) region.

As you know education is the back bone of the society and your travel may play great roles to empower local people. Likewise, local people could have a chance to assist you while you are taking up on trekking or travel or any events and consequences they get back money. Then the money goes to micro finance cooperative in local area. They could assist to their kids for the study well \. Similarly, we have social responsibilities and have been paying our attention for school Health Programme, Community health Camps, Environmental Sanitation, Agricultural involvements and so on.

In additional, we have been focusing for international educational and sports tour package.

Students from the all over the world would welcome to get education in rural area, cultural education, geological education of mountains and Hills. Of course, Agricultural education will be run with local students. World scholars are requested to visit for sharing expertise for promoting rural are in tern of education and medical prospectus.

Students from the world may have sharing events in term of foods, sports, education and expertise with local students of rural area while they are staying in Nepal.

We have also a team of well trained Medical Team who assists you while you are on the trekking.