Trekking Styles

Trekking Styles

There are 3 different types of treks operated in the Himalayas.

Tea house trek 

In this type of trek we can stay in the accommodation units available on the trail. This is less expensive than camping trek and is less hectic as we will use available accommodation and foods prepared in the family owned guesthouses. These treks include food accommodation, guide and porters (if required)

Your Trekking will Normally Starts Morning at 7 AM After Breakfast and will stop for Lunch at 12 PM on The Trailside of Mountain Lodge/ Guesthouse in Trekking. After Lunch, you will Get Few time for rest and will starts trek again. Maximum, you are required to walk 8 hrs in Day if your destination is quite long. You can order your Dinner Anytime after 5 Pm when you reach in Guesthouse.

Camping Trek

Camping trek is best called as Fully Organized Supported Trek. As exploratory or mountaineering expeditions, camping Trek is also organized in the same style. Camping trek includes a team of guide, cook, Sherpa, & porters to give you accompany. Our company manages all trekking gears, food, fuel, & personal belongings, & our cooks & assistant prepares hot meals & carry out, supervises the whole operations. Trekkers should carry only small bag or what they might need during the day. At night, they are provided dining tents, sleeping tents, & toilet tents. They are also provided with mattresses and down sleeping bags, all of which are carried for them with the party. Even tables and chairs are carried.

Service Trek 

Service trek is often referred as Guide, Accommodation and Porter trek (GAP Trek).  In this option we only provide the basic support such as documentation for the trek and a guide or guide porter who organizes all arrangements for you. This is the most economic way to do trekking in Nepal. This includes an English speaking guide, Porter and accommodation but excludes food, which you have to pay directly in the hotel.